6 Most Common Overhead Crane Problems

Like your other equipment and systems, your overhead cranes are subject to wear, tear, and misuse. Alarmingly, however, failure to receive overhead crane repair for the following common issues can cost you money and put your crew in harm’s way. Today, we present information that can help save money and keep your staff safe.

Wire Rope Damage

One of the most frequent overhead crane repairs you’re likely to need is wire rope replacement. This component can become worn easily or get damaged by corrosion caused by improper care. A daily inspection and regular lubrication can reduce friction, which can lead to greater longevity and better safety.


Signs of crane skew caused by misalignment include wheel climbing, sudden loud noises, or reliance on additional power. If you’re already using a crane service provider, make sure that they confirm that your equipment meets CMAA tolerance allowances.

Electrical Failure

Any piece of equipment that has electrical components, such as controls and fuses, is at risk of failure. Corrosion, poor compact, and damage may cause your system to become unresponsive.

Truck Wheel Deterioration

Your machine’s end truck wheels have a hard job, and they can be worn and deteriorate over time. Keep a close eye for premature wear, as this might be an indication of misalignment. Our overhead crane repair specialist can help you spot problems with your end truck wheels before they create a hazardous situation.

Bent Hooks

The last thing you want to hear when you are underneath an overhead crane is, “look out below.” But, if your hook and rigging system is bent, cracked, or otherwise warped, that’s just what you may hear. Your hooks are designed to hold heavy loads, and they can’t do that properly if they are deformed.

Overhead crane repairs are not something that should be put off. Make sure that your company has the manpower, budget, and willingness to maintain and repair your heavy equipment as needed.

From overhead crane repairs to 24/7 emergency services and runway design, Integrity Crane and Hoist has you covered.

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