All About Mezzanine

Mezzanine is just a fancy word for a floor that’s built in between the floors of a larger building. In a commercial setting, a mezzanine might be referred to as a catwalk or platform. Mezzanine fabrication is useful in many different areas, and these structures can create more floor space, room for an office, or additional storage. Mezzanines are a cost-efficient way to add space without expanding your building’s footprint.

What Are The Different Types Of Mezzanine?


As a custom mezzanine supplier, we get asked this question all the time. There are a few different types of mezzanines. These include prefabricated, structural, and freestanding.


A prefabricated mezzanine is partially assembled off-site and is quick and easy to install. During the mezzanine fabrication process, these are tested and fitted together to ensure there won’t be any issues at the final installation site. A structural mezzanine is supported by the original building’s foundation. These are typically considered permanent options, but they are more expensive. A freestanding mezzanine has its own columns, and they don’t have to be attached to the building.


Mezzanines may also come in the form of a modular building. In this case, part of the structure utilizes existing floor space but the rest is built up. These may or may not include a platform for walking or viewing the floor below.

What Are Mezzanines Used For?


Mezzanine fabrication has many applications. First is increased space. A mezzanine can add floor space, which can come in handy for a small building that needs to expand but can’t afford a new location or building addition. A custom mezzanine supplier can also help you improve efficiency by strategically placing your platforms in areas where they are needed most.


A catwalk-style mezzanine is a great option for businesses that need to move inventory within their walls without disturbing their main production floor. For example, if you own an automotive manufacturing company and need to move partially finished goods to the other side of your building but don’t want to get in the way of your fork trucks.


As an office space, a mezzanine fabrication provider can create a spot where supervisors, engineers, and safety personnel can stay close to the action but have a more subdued space to work when they must focus on something off the production floor.


Mezzanines are also popular in the food services industry. You might find mezzanines in cold storage facilities. When used for this purpose, these structures are typically built of food-grade stainless steel, which means they can be easily cleaned, sanitized, and maintained.

Are Mezzanines Cost-Effective?


Yes. Because a mezzanine utilizes the existing space in your building, you are not paying for an entirely new structure to be built. Mezzanine fabrication can take place on-site or off-site, and the structures are built around your needs.


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