Common FAQs About Overhead Crane Services

In today’s post, Integrity Crane shares common FAQs about overhead crane services and systems.

Overhead crane services aren’t something that most people think about on a day-to-day basis. However, if you work in the manufacturing facility, you probably think about your cranes every day. Today, we share a few quick questions and answers about common types of cranes, their benefits, and how to stay safe using your heavy equipment.

What’s the most common type of crane?

Gantry cranes are typically considered the most common type of overhead crane. These are sold by most overhead crane service companies. Gantries have a long bridge-like structure, which spans the entire work area. One of its main components is a trolley, which travels along the bridge. It also contains a hoist that lowers up and down via the mast.

What is a monorail crane?

Monorail Cranes are simple and effective lifting solutions which consist of a hoist that moves along an elevated beam. Typically found in production environments, assembly lines and many other workplaces, they are ideal for increasing the efficiency of various processes and applications.

What are the main benefits of contracting with an overhead crane service?

Partnering with an overhead crane service will help to ensure that you have the right types of cranes in your building. And having the right types of cranes means that you’ll increase productivity and reduce physical labor. You’ll run a more efficient business, and your employees will be happier.

Can investing in crane systems save money in the long run?

Absolutely. When you work with a qualified overhead crane service, they’ll help to ensure that your cranes work exactly the way you need them to when you need them most. An overhead crane can save you a significant amount of money over its decades-long lifespan by reducing labor and minimizing the risk of injuries.

How can I keep my employees safe when using cranes?

There are many safety precautions to consider when you install cranes in your facility. Perhaps most importantly, only trained and authorized personnel should ever be allowed to operate your overhead cranes. These individuals should be aware of the machine’s operation and well-versed in the signs of wear and tear.

How can I find out more about overhead crane service?

Contact Integrity Crane And Hoist. Our experienced staff will listen to your needs and recommend a system that’s right for you. And if you still have questions, we’ll have answers. Whether you want a brand-new system or simply need routine maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about overhead cranes service and systems, visit our blog often. And you can always drop us a line if there’s a topic you’d like for us to cover.

Integrity Crane And Hoist was founded in 2002 by Columbia native Jeff Oakes. We offer sales and service on everything from single girder bridge cranes to runway and monorail systems and everything in between. Our professional services department can handle your needs 365 days per year, including emergency calls. We offer OSHA inspections, in-house repair and testing, installation, runway design and engineering, and custom lifting devices. If you’re looking for an overhead crane services provider that can bring your operation into the 21st century, will provide hands-on training, and help determine workplace hazards, look no further than Integrity Crane And Hoist.

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