Overhead Crane Maintenance Matters

Your overhead cranes and equipment are some of your biggest investments. You want to ensure that they are fully operational and, most importantly, safe for your employees. Integrity Crane And Hoist offers a full selection of inspection and maintenance programs, which can be tailored to your business and to each piece of lifting equipment.

OSHA requires many different types of inspections. Your crane and hoist equipment, for example, is required to have a full assessment once each year from a certified agency. This will cover your equipment top to bottom, and you are also required to have quarterly inspections and routine maintenance four times each year.

When you have your overhead cranes evaluated and maintained according to industry standards, you will enjoy reduced downtime, increased safety, and lower overall operating costs. ICH technicians are fully versed in all OSHA and ASME standards, so all you have to do is schedule your service, and then our technicians take care of the rest.

We further provide monthly inspections for your hook and wire rope. You are required to have these inspected once each month to maintain compliance with OSHA.

Your sling and rigging equipment is also required to undergo periodic inspections. If issues are found, ICH can repair or upgrade this critical equipment so that you experience as few interruptions to your operation as possible. Our technicians can supply you with repairs or service on nylon, polyester, wire, or chain slings along with rigging equipment, such as eye bolts, hoist rings, swivels, hooks, and shackles.

We service all types of equipment, including those that exceed 3-ton rating capacities as well as load limiting devices, warning devices, runways, and motor controls. Our staff can also help you come up with a runway design for your overhead cranes and work with you to update or relocate devices and equipment as needed.

Integrity Hoist And Crane will complete and help you maintain records for all required service and inspections. We strive for zero incidents, and our technicians work diligently to determine and reduce hazards in your working environment. We pledge to hold each of our employees responsible for helping you maintain best safety practices and policies. Our technicians will always go the extra mile for you so that you can best serve your customers and employees.

Visit Integrity Crane And Hoist online today for more information on how we can help you keep your overhead cranes and equipment safe and with as little downtime as possible.

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