Should I Invest In Modernizing My Crane Systems?

Cranes can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most businesses don’t have that just laying around. Further, your existing crane equipment may be structurally sound, and a few updates may be all you need to ensure that your systems work quickly, efficiently, reliably, and safely. If you’re looking for an overhead crane service that can modernize your current systems, look no further than Integrity Crane and Hoist.

Integrity Crane and Hoist offers many modernization services. These include warning devices, conductor systems, limit switches, wireless remotes, electrical panels, and more. As the area\’s leading overhead crane service, we have the staff, experience, and knowledge to bring your crane system into the 21st century and beyond.

Top Reasons To Upgrade Your Crane

There are many reasons it makes sense to upgrade your existing equipment. First, it’s cost-effective. You also extend the life of your equipment and may even have a more automated workplace. You can also add remote controls, which can ease some of the burdens on your human workforce.

Areas To Update

You have plenty of options when it comes to modernizing your cranes. These include:

Structural Upgrades

Your crane was likely built to withstand wear and tear over many decades. A qualified overhead crane service might replace the trolleys with more modern controls, shorten the bridge span, or suggest a new location in your building where the crane may be a bit more secure.

Mechanical Components

There are lots of moving parts on every crane system, and these can easily be updated to extend the life of your machinery. You might, for example, reduce vibration by swapping out old gears with precision components that have tighter tolerances.

Crane Controls

As one of the most crucial components of your crane system, it makes sense to consider modifying the DC or AC control technology. An AC variable frequency drive is the best option here, and it reduces maintenance costs while boosting crane safety.

Remote Controls

Your crane operators will appreciate modern remote controls perhaps more than any other updates. By adding a radiofrequency device, your operators are not fixed to a specific control station. With the right radio control system, you can even operate a crane with one person instead of two as you must with a fixed-control cab.


Automation is crucial in all areas of your business, from your computer systems to your crane operating equipment. Ask about overhead cranes service to automate certain repeatable motions.

Integrity Crane and Hoist is an overhead crane service company located in Columbia, Tennessee. With decades of experience in the material handling industry, our technicians come to each job fully equipped and ready to solve your greatest crane modernization problems.

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