Top Reasons For Routine Crane Maintenance

At Integrity Crane and Hoist, we offer a full line of industrial overhead crane repair services. However, we also believe that an ounce of prevention goes a long way. Today, we offer insight on why it’s important to maintain a preventative maintenance schedule.

Meeting Osha Standards

In an industrial environment, maintaining OSHA standards is crucial to keeping your business in business. Scheduling routine crane maintenance and preventative services ensures that you maintain compliance with OSHA.

Reduced Downtime

While crane maintenance may require a temporary suspension of work, extensive repairs can shut you down for days or weeks. During a standard crane maintenance call, a certified inspector will look for signs of damage or deterioration. All components that require lubrication will be properly serviced, and your gearbox will be oiled to manufacture recommendations. This, combined with a structural evaluation and a hands-on inspection of switches, safety devices, hooks, and other components, will help keep your production environment on the clock.

Cost Savings

Emergency repairs are expensive, but routine maintenance can help spot major issues before they start. By getting ahead, you can prevent major system failures and the cost of downtime and repairs.

Better Safety

Your crane equipment is built to handle heavy loads. If it’s not up to par, components can fail, and that can put everyone in danger. By keeping up with routine maintenance, your crane and rigging systems will be safer, and your employees will feel better about their working environment.

Common Crane Maintenance

At Integrity Crane and Hoist, we offer preventative maintenance programs for all types of overhead cranes. We do not have a cookie-cutter solution, and our inspections are customized to each piece of lifting equipment. We evaluate its in-service environment thoroughly and work with business owners to maintain their equipment so that they experience fewer emergency repairs or failed OSHA inspections.

The Integrity Crane And Hoist Promise

Integrity Crane and Hoist places so much emphasis on maintenance and upkeep because this is the best way to keep our employees and our customers\’ employees safe and healthy on the job. Our goal is zero incidents, and we do this by ensuring that our employees are equipped with the tools they need to perform in hazardous conditions, including heights in high voltage. Our Crane maintenance technicians are trained in how to maintain a safe working environment, and we hold each technician fully responsible for maintaining our strict safety practices and policies.

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