What Are Advantages Of Using Overhead Cranes & Hoists?

There are many answers to the question: what is the usage of a crane and hoist? These include lifting, heavy material transportation, and so much more. Integrity Crane & Hoist answers the most common questions behind why they suggest using overhead cranes and hoists below.

In an industrial setting, cranes and hoists are crucial for efficiency and safety in production. These are powerful machines used to transport and place heavy objects. Cranes and hoists can be used in many different settings from a manufacturing facility to a construction site.

But exactly what is the usage of a crane and hoist system? We will answer that question today and discuss why overhead crane services are so important for your business.

Greater Lifting Capacity

The most obvious advantage of an industrial crane is that it offers exceptional lifting capabilities. These machines are designed to handle loads that would be impossible for manual labor alone to tackle. Advanced lifting mechanisms and solid construction mean that crane and hoist systems can easily tackle moving heavy objects in the least amount of time and with the lowest possible risk of injury.

Increased Efficiency And Production Time

By automating the lifting and transportation process, industrial cranes boost productivity and efficiency. Our overhead crane service and installation technicians can help you create a plan to move raw material, heavy machinery, and finished products throughout your operation to reduce downtime and avoid taking up floor space.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. Industrial crane and hoist systems come equipped with advanced safety features that can help protect your employees as well as the expensive machines you work with. Overhead crane services providers will ensure your system is equipped with emergency stop buttons, limit switches, anti-collision systems, and more. Further, when installed by a professional, your crane and hoist system will comply with industry safety standards.


Industrial crane and hoist systems provide flexibility and versatility that can’t be matched by human hands alone. The systems are built to handle a diverse range of materials and tasks. A few accessories and attachments that can help you make the most of your floor space include magnets, hooks, and spreader bars. Further, your system can be adapted to your unique lifting requirements and outfitted to handle heavy loads in any direction, including vertically or horizontally.

Optimized Space

When space is limited, industrial crane and hoist systems can help you maximize every square foot. Your overhead cranes services experts can help you decide on the type of machinery that fits your space, budget, and needs.

Cost Savings

Although the initial investment in an overhead crane system can be significant, you’ll see long-term cost savings. This comes in the form of increased productivity, reduced labor requirements, and mitigated risk of accidents to people and goods. While you’ll still need to contact your overhead crane services provider for routine maintenance and repair, these long-lasting machines will contribute to overall reduced expenditures each fiscal year.

When you run any type of manufacturing or industrial setting, an overhead crane and hoist system is an invaluable part of your overall operation. These machines provide lifting capability and safety features that keep your team from harm while boosting productivity. There are many benefits to installing or upgrading your crane system, and Integrity Crane And Hoist can help your business with a personalized plan that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Integrity Crane And Hoist was founded in 2002 by Columbia, TN-based Jeff Oakes. We offer sales and service on everything from lever hoists and monorail systems to custom-designed double girder bridge cranes, and now offer custom fabrication on mezzanines, racks, and everything in between. Our professional services department can handle your needs 365 days per year, including emergency calls. We offer OSHA inspections, in-house repair and testing, installation, runway design and engineering, and custom lifting devices. If you’re looking for an overhead crane services provider that can bring your operation into the 21st century, look no further than Integrity Crane And Hoist.

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