What Do Overhead Crane Service Companies Do?

Those of us outside of the manufacturing and construction industries may look at giant cranes in awe. After all, these machines are crucial in municipal development and infrastructure. In a manufacturing environment, cranes keep the companies we rely on working efficiently all year round. But, what many of us fail to even think about is that this equipment has to remain up and running somehow. Enter overhead crane service companies. But, what do they do, really?

We recently reached out to Columbia, TN-based Integrity Crane and Hoist to find out.

Q: Before we begin, can you tell our readers a bit about Integrity Crane and Hoist?

Integrity Crane and Hoist: We’re one of the South’s leading overhead crane service companies. Founded in 1993 by material handling industry expert Jeff Oakes, we offer overhead crane sales, service, parts, modifications, and upgrades. We also provide companies throughout Middle Tennessee with OSHA inspections, preventative maintenance programs, and anti-collision devices.

Q: It certainly sounds like your company is qualified. Can you explain a bit about what overhead crane service companies do?

Integrity Crane and Hoist: Overhead crane service companies are not general equipment maintenance firms. They are specialized and focus heavily on repair and maintenance of large overhead machinery, such as bridge and gantry cranes. Typically, companies with this designation offer a host of services from professional training to equipment inspections to parts replacement and more.

Q: Why would a manufacturing or material handling business choose to work with overhead crane service companies?

Integrity Crane and Hoist: Peace of mind. A professional overhead crane service company will have partnerships with all the major manufacturers to ensure that commonly-used parts are always in stock. Further, many companies, such as Integrity Crane and Hoist, offer OSHA inspections and can even train your staff on how to handle daily, weekly, and monthly equipment checks to ensure your machines stay up and running and that your business stays OSHA compliant.

Q: You mention keeping parts in stock. Why is that important?

Integrity Crane and Hoist: Having the right parts in stock can reduce downtime. Let’s say that your crane’s wire rope breaks or you notice it’s significantly frayed. Having that piece in stock and, just as importantly, having certified and experienced technicians that can replace it can reduce accidents and keep you from shutting down your equipment because of a major breakdown.

Overhead crane service companies take care of the machines that take care of us. If your company uses or is thinking about investing in overhead crane equipment, make sure that you have the right partner by your side.

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