ICH is a full-service manufacturer & supplier of overhead cranes and hoisting equipment. Because not just any piece of equipment will work for any lifting need, we pride ourselves in providing the best solution for each inidividual lifting need. ICH also sells all types of equipment for lifting materials. Below is a list of some popular items sold by ICH.
Single Girder Bridge Cranes
Double Girder Bridge Cranes
Electric and Air Wire Rope Hoists
Electric, Air, and Manually Powered Chain Hoists
Runway and Monorail Systems
Foundation, Floor, Column, and Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Floor and Ceiling Mounted Ergonomic Work Station Systems
Top Running and Under Running End Trucks
Vacuum Lifter
Crane Scales
Wireless Remote Systems
Control Panels, Variable Frequency Drives, and Soft Starts
Electrification Systems
Festoon Systems
Anti-Collision Systems
Load Limiting Devices
Coil Up Enders
Spreader Beams, C-Hooks; Lifters, Grabs & Lifting Tongs
Load Positioners
Lifting Magnets
Roll Handling Equipment
Complete Line of Slings and Rigging